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  So Now What?


 How do you establish search engine rank without keywords to direct the search engine to your listing? Content. That’s how. Search engines still use keywords, just in a different way. Spiders still index your website page for keywords. The only difference is they get them somewhere else. Now the search engines crawl the content. For example, visit Google and search for a word or a phrase. You’ll see the word or phrase highlighted in the search results. Now you know what Google’s spider looks for. Where you see highlighted words is where the spider crawls and records information. In this case it’s the web pagetag and the text on the page. Google puts both of these together to form it’s keyword database. Why so much about Google? Because Google, as of May 2002, is to provide AOL, Compuserve, and the rest of the AOL related search engines with their search results. Google is a good example of indexed text keyword search results.

Each search engine is different though, so the website needs to be targeted at each specific search engine you want to gain rank on, and there are hundreds of search engines today, so there’s a lot of work to be done. MSN, for example, puts it’s keyword database together not from the Title tag and the page text, but from the Title tag and the Description tag. The domain name (URL) itself also plays a part in relevancy.

So, what we’re saying is make a lot of text full of keywords, make a title full of keywords, and make a description full of keywords with a keyword related domain name and we’ll rank high? Nope, not quite. It’s not that simple. There is a lot involved in making rank. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of time. Don’t try and learn it all right here, because we would need about 20 more pages this size to explain it all to you. That would only cover the major search engines. We haven’t even touched base on major indexes and directories, or reciprocal link sites, cloaking, and doorway pages, which are now nothing more than a myth when it comes to rank. These are pages on the internet generated to show link popularity, but that’s becoming a penalty with many engines today so don’t waste your time there. Another fantastic service that’s beginning to fade away, since it can now cause your website to lose rank, are websites generated just to make link popularity. These sites were great in 2001, and all through 2002, but it’s changing again, as usual. Here we would visit a website that let you add yourself to a link list, with a related category. Next we would upload pages to our own websites linking to everybody else that signed up in our category. That made the spider think our site was more popular since more sites linked to us, but today that’s changing fast. The spiders are getting a new brain again. Now, they know if these websites are “popularity generators” so they penalize you for being listed on them. For now though, it’s a good practice to continue. As the year moves on you may want to pull that listing out of there as more spiders upgrade to their new thinking process.

Keep in mind, everything changes every month. We, for example, continually edit and update our process all over the web, keeping our clients where they need to be. At the same time, we continually monitor the search engines. Constantly watching for changes in rhythm to keep ahead. Frustrating, but worth it.




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