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Where does it all begin? Where do you start? How do you brand something on the Internet that never existed before today? How do you market a casino?
Don’t know where to begin when it comes to a marketing campaign?

There’s a lot to cover. We’ll give you a few pointers, but that’s as far as we can go. Our own competitors come here too, to read what we have to say. They hope to find out how we do it. We’ll never tell. We didn’t spend years studying this industry to give it all away, but we will explain the basics to aid you in understanding just how the world of Internet marketing really works.

To Begin We Will Discuss The Search Engine

Search Engine Spider? What’s that? Many know the answer, but if you’re new to the industry we’ll explain. Ask yourself this …. What does a spider crawl? A web. That’s what the search engines do. They send out their own spiders, which crawl the web. These spiders crawl through websites, starting with one and following links from that first one to the next one, and so on. Some refer to them as robots. We like the spider term, since this is the web.

Originally, the spider would enter a page and record information found in the website “meta tags” which tell the spider what to bring back to the search engine. These “tags” in the page carry various forms of information, but 3 main items were sought out by spiders. These 3 items were the “Title” tag, the “Description” tag, and the “Keywords” tag. Each tag is self-explanatory. The “Title” holds the title of the page, which is what you see in the top left corner of your web browser right now. It also tells the search engine what to display as the “title” of your link in the search results. The “Description” tag describes a summary of what the page is about. That’s the little “description” you see on the search engine results page. Finally, the “Keywords” tag. This tag tells the search engine when to show your link. For example, if you had the word “blackjack” in your keywords tag you are telling the spider to tell the search engine to display your link when someone searches for blackjack.

Now, as we stated in the beginning of the above paragraph, that was “originally” how things were done. Over time people once again outsmarted the machine. They started copying the highest ranking website’s keywords tag information and placing it in their own keywords tag, thus adding more competition to that high ranking website since the search engine now ranked them higher. Another problem was keyword abuse. Some people would type the same keyword over and over in the tag, making the spider think their page was more important since it mentioned the word so much. The spider wasn’t smart enough to catch that, at first. Later search engines changed. They made their spiders smarter. In summary, most don’t even read the keywords tag anymore.

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