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Casino Marketing II

The Basics Of Target Markets
Opportunity awaits within the target marketplace. Here we step further into the arena and review the opportunities.


World Internet population statistics continue to grow at an average rate of 25% per year. Statistical consensus indicates worldwide Internet population figures may reach well beyond 1 billion by the end of 2002. Online commerce will account for $126 billion by 2013 in the U.S. alone. In 2000 it accounted for $37 billion. The 77% growth rate for broadband Internet still stands with broadband Internet users spending an average of 5 additional hours online per week, and 75% of those extra 5 hours are spent playing online games.

The primary focus by Net Site Gaming is to stay on top of industry trends. Customers spend their money and time on Web sites that offer the most value. Staying competitive online with multiple language offerings and other customer-oriented trends allow your website to remain an industry player. Analyzing industry leaders and other statistics more closely as well as researching other future online gaming trends and technologies allow your website to remain competitive. Net Site Gaming can keep you competitive.


  First and foremost, we identify "Focus Markets"
  Second, we identify and target "Outreach Markets"
  Third, we arrange our "Campaign Positioning"
  Fourth, we implement "Strategies & Objectives"
  Fifth, we begin our "3 Phase Marketing Mix"
  Sixth, we conduct additional "Market Research"
  Lucky Number Seven, we show you the "Money"

Focus markets are defined by Net Site Gaming as who it is we're targeting, and why. This first step sets up the campaign plan for the target marketplace.

Outreach markets are similar to the starting focus markets, but with a wider array of targeting. Basically, we're digging deeper into the results we gather during the formation of the campaign's focus marketplace.

Campaign positioning can be easily defined as a marketing strategy which we put into action after identifying who it is we're targeting with the marketing campaign. The goal is to create the 'reason' why your the premier choice for the online gambler. In summary, we position your website within the areas of consumer confidence.

Strategies and objectives define the brand. You'll need brand recognition to be successful in this business. This area of the campaign may go hand in hand with the Outreach Markets, where your website visibility and brand awareness is further increased to attract new visitors, from the pre-arranged outreach marketplace.

Our 3 phase marketing mix places advertising in 3 separate phases. All 3 phases are directly related to various types of media, but we cannot disclose the specifics of what these 3 phases involve. Basically, the 3 phase plan has a lot to do with branding, and the way it's done grants extreme brand awareness...worldwide.

Finally, additional market research is conducted when the marketing campaign is underway. Now we've established a start-up market and virtually move back to the beginning and do it all over again, looking for changes in market trends, demographics, geographics, and economic growth rates.





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